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So I have tired joining different groups with Meet Up to find other stay at home moms with little ones.  It seems that no one shows up and it is frustrating.  Any advice???  

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  • Aw, that stinks. I had one group through meetup that was like that; a bunch of no-shows and it eventually closed. But I found another one that is very active and it's certainly nice to have.

    Try local libraries for moms groups, play groups, etc. You can call your local health department and ask if they can recommend any mom groups. Also, joining classes is a great way to meet other moms and babies. DD is in swim and she and I have met a couple nice mom/baby groups there. I know of other kids in the 1-1.5 range that do gymnastics and music classes.

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  • All the mom friends I have I met somehow through La Leche League. From some of them I have been invited to other groups. One of the groups meets at the library. Also, the library has mother goose time, where they read and sing with the little ones- your library may have something similar. I tried meetup, but that was a bust. I also plan on enrolling DD in a class this spring.

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