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bad, bad exzema 9 month old has bad exzema. she is allergic to eggs and peanuts. i elimnated them since i am bfing...still bad skin even after none of it for 1 month....he checked her for the most common allergies...not allergic to the others...what in the world can i do? how do i figure out what and if she is allergic to something else? help please.........

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  • Not all eczema is allergy related.  My DS has it pretty bad and he's not allergic to anything. (We've had him tested)  We just try to stick to short quick baths with mild soap, we use California Baby.  Then we moisturize.  If he's having a bad flare up then we use a prescription steriod cream, followed by a moisturizing cream or Aquaphor. 
  • we use cetaphil; do u like cali baby?
  • Cetaphil is good but cost a lot as does California Baby,  we use Aveeno Eczema therapy both the adult and baby have the same ingredients so don't let the baby word fool you on the bottle.  Myself, my middle DD and Olivia all use this and have good results.
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  • DS and I both have eczema.

    Eczema can be caused by food, environment or genetics (genes can skip generations or lay dormant for decades before they surface).

    We both use un-scented oatmeal lotion regularly (Aveeno or similar) That means a full-body application every day. Any active patches get Aquaphor until they're cleared up.

  • My son has bad bad exzema too.  I thought it was food related but it isn't. I bf'd too and then when I switched him to formula he still had it.   Please go to a dermatologist none of the creams the pediatrician prescribed worked.  I took my son to the dermatologist and one week later his skin cleared up and he was no longer itching.  He still has flare ups now and then but I can handle that I use to cry when I saw him rubbing his arms against his crib because he couldn't scratch.  My dermatologist prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment  this is a petroleum based ointment.  It worked.  He also told me to go to walgreens and by the Cerave lotion and the wash (green and white bottle).  I slather that lotion all over him twice a day.  I do not let him stay in the tub long when I wash him.  Please go to a dermatologist you will sleep better at night knowing your son isn't scratching anymore.
  • DD is 3 now, but we have battled Eczema since she was 4 months old. It wasn't until I took her to the dermatologist that things got under control. We use Ceravae cream for our regular mostiruizer. It's worked wonders! We lather her in it while her body is still damp from her bath. We also have a few prescription creams for the really bad flare ups. We haven't had to use them in over a year since we got it under control. 
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  • Hi,

    Two important steps for us have been to: 1) eliminate laundry detergent (and more generally avoid chemicals); 2) moisturize the skin frequently

    Laundry detergent is a common trigger for eczema. More generally, chemicals are a trigger for eczema. If you haven't already, switch from detergent to soap. We use Sal Suds made by Dr. Bronner's but there are others.  It is important to switch to a natural soap laundry cleaner for everyone in the family, not just for your son's clothes. Also for bed sheets etc. I also use natural/green household cleaners (lots of diluted Dr Bronner's Castile Soap for general cleaning). Here is a thorough website on the topic:

    Another very important tip is to moisturize frequently. Whatever moisturizer you use, don't let his skin get dry; moisturize multiple times a day. Pediatricians seem to often recommend Cetaphil or Aveeno. Personally, I try to use products made of natural and organic oils, rather than products that have chemicals.  For example, creams made of olive oil, calendula oil, coconut oil etc.  here are some links:

    Keep baths short (5-10 minutes), using warm not hot water, and immediately moisturize damp skin after getting out of the bath. It is ok and even good to bathe daily or every other day following those guidelines.

  • Also, I agree with the recommendation to see a dermatologist. S/he may prescribe a stronger medicine (e.g., a stronger hydrocortisone than the over-the-counter stuff). While many people worry about using these on babies, they are safe if used occasionally and can be the-only-thing-that-works for bad flare-ups.
  • SEE A DERMATOLOGIST ASAP. I say that in caps because it is important. REALLY important. We battled eczema on my DD1's face for a couple months with our Pediatrician and within a couple weeks we had it under control with the Dermatologist. We have a pretty good maintenance  routine and see the Dermatologist once a year or as needed for prescription refills.
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  • I have eczema and so does my 3 year old. Our dermatologist told us not to waste money on some of the creams. (For example, we were buying Mustela Eczema cream and it really didn't help my 3 year old.) The derm prefers good old fashioned petroleum jelly, which is obviously greasy so it isn't my favorite thing to use. We still use vaseline occasionally but I also like cetaphil cream and lotion. My favorite is vani cream though. It is super moisturizing. My 3 year old scratches himself until he bleeds so we hit him hard with topical steroids when I notice a flare up. A week on (triamcinolone cream) and then a few weeks off of the meds. He gets a bath every other night, per the dermatologist, and even then it is a quick warm bath. Anything long or hot is too drying. Seeing a dermatologist was key in getting his skin under control.
  • We found great results through a web site that had listed Home Skincare Remedies. This site is about non toxic skincare -
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