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Timing for shower after baby is born

My MIL passed away 3 weeks ago (17 month battle with brain cancer). She had a great group of work friends that she hung out with outside of work and they even went on trips to Mexico, etc. These friends did come to our wedding and we met them another time when MIL was in the hospital, but honestly we don't really know them.  At the funeral, they mentioned to me that they'd like to throw me a baby shower some time in March (I'm due May 30th) and they would reach out to my husband with some potential dates. I think this is so nice of them and I'm sure MIL would be so happy. 

They emailed DH today and said they'd like to have the shower after the baby was born and wondering if June 3rd would work for us. I'm sure they have no idea what my actually due date is because June 3rd is only 4 days after my due date (yes i know baby may not come on that exact date) so we need to let them know a different date.  My question is how long after baby is born would be ok to bring baby to a house of people and when will I feel up to it to have a shower after the baby is born?


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Re: Timing for shower after baby is born

  • I would give yourself 6 weeks after your due date-2 weeks in case the baby is late, and another 4 weeks to recover, get used to motherhood, etc.  Good luck!
  • Im due July 8th and having a meet and greet mid-late august so I don't freak out about passing him around to a bunch of people when he is just a few weeks old, he will almost be 2 months which i think is good!


  • Our LO was 3 weeks old when we hosted our annual BBQ/meet the baby party.  My mom held him the whole time and no one even asked to hold him (she would have said "no" anyway).  I have actually hosted 2 showers after the babies were born and one was not quite 3 weeks and the other was about 4 weeks old.  The moms just "wore" the babies and it wasn't a big deal.  The babies were not "passed around" as some people think happens.  LOL 

    Make sure you let the ladies know your due date and ask them to plan it at least a month after that - in case you are overdue.  Obviously they will want to give guests enough time (3 weeks at least).  For the showers I hosted I had the invites completely ready to go out except the actual date so as soon as the baby was born I put in the date, stamped a bunch of blue (both were boys...mom's were team green) feet on the inside of the card, and mailed them.  Worked out that guests had 3 week-ends to "shop".

  • I've only ever been to after baby showers as that is how it's done here.  Most are about 3 to 4 weeks after baby is born so that would be what I would say to go with.

    As to the passing around, here the babies are passed around pretty much the entire shower, but there are some mom's who aren't comfortable with that so they just have someone else they trust hold baby.  Go with what you are comfortable with.

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  • My friend's baby is due next week and she's having her shower on March 24th. Yay wow i just realized that its 2 weeks after she gives birth.. I'd have to agree with the pp because even though i'll be a ftm i think 2 weeks is short.
  • Couple things to consider:

    - Ask you pedi, when DS was born she didnt want us to take him to any large gatherings (family functions, church...) untill he was 2 months old and had his first round of shots.

    - I had a rough delivery and recovery with some complications. I felt horrible for months and between 4-6 wks I physically couldnt leave the house and was on "bed rest." ( I was having gushes of blood that within seconds would overflow the larged pad, and have blood either running down the inside of my legs or completely cover whatever i was sitting on.) - granted this is uncommon, but you never know what recovery you will have.  

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