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rec your lightweight/umbrella like stroller

I'm looking for recs on a lightweight umbrella like stroller.  Preferably around $100, give or take.  It needs to fold up pretty small, be pretty lightweight, nice canopy for sunshade, reclines.  Bonus for mom and baby cupholder and tray.  TIA!

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Re: rec your lightweight/umbrella like stroller

  • Our umbrella is the Chicco Liteway. It's ~$120 a BRU, folds small, light, canopy, reclines, has a small "basket" and a cupholder for parents. It doesn't have a tray though. It was great when DS was younger, but he likes his tray, so we only use for short trips now.  

    I'm currently looking at the BJ Micro on on sale for $99. Has the tray option, but I'm not sure how "small" it folds. My DH might flip out if I buy another stroller. LOL. I'll be curious to see other responses.

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  • I also have a Chicco Liteway, and I did a ton of research before I bought it. It is awesome!! I have no complaints. It is the only umbrella stroller I found that had such a nice shade, fully reclined, fully sat up, and folded up very small and lightweight. It is also very sturdy. I often hang my very heavy diaper bag off the handles, and it never tips over when dd is walking beside me instead of being in it. I don't have any complaints. We got it when dd was 9 months, travelled with it and she is now 21 months and still loves and fits well in it. 
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  • We use a Jeep lightweight stroller. I bought it at Walmart for around $50. I was suprised at how easy it was to assemble and how sturdy it actually is for the price. It has a full reclining seat, nice shade, and a drink holder for mommy or daddy as well as an under the seat basket area.


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