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Hey ladies. I'm knew to this board and I'm not even sure I'm posting in the right place, so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong board. I am 24.5 weeks pregnant and at my 20 u/s my son was measuring very small. He was in the 5.7th percentile. He looked healthy otherwise. My doctor had me come in yesterday for a growth Restriction u/s to see if he had made any progress. He is now only in the 6%. He is growing, but not like they would like. She gave us the diagnosis of IUGR. I have another u/s scheduled for April 2nd and if he is still below the 10%, I will have to go in for weekly monitoring. I don't know what to think. I have done a little research online and of course, most of the info scares the crap out out me. Is there anyone else going through this? I'm just scared for my little guy. Thanks.

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  • Our loss was due to IUGR.  It was diagnosed at 20 weeks and she only grew three ounces in the next 3 weeks.  Her heart finally stopped when I had reversal of flow and we delivered her still at 26 weeks.   

    There are plenty of IUGR babies that make it and go on to live healthy, happy lives.  The key is how big the baby gets.  Our daughter never made it over a pound and we needed to get her above that to deliver her (tubes are too big to intubate below that).  You should ask a couple of things-- is it symmetrical or assymetrical IUGR.  Also how is your cord flow?  When we were diagnosed we already had absent diastolic flow and eventually there was reversal which is what led to her heart stopping.  When I was researching most moms who were diagnosed after 24 weeks and continued to have small amounts of growth made it to delivery and their babies survived the NICU.  But prepare for an early and small baby. 

    I found lots of helpful info on babycenter... there is a specific IUGR board. 

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  • I'm at 29.4 weeks and pregnant with twins, both are small, but my little girl has severe IUGR (less than 3rd percentile in terms of growth, and though she is growing, she is not following even along that growth curve). I started getting doppler ultrasounds 5 weeks ago, where they measure blood flows from the placenta through the umbilical cord. Since your little one is still following along his growth curve, you're probably in pretty good shape, but they'll still want to watch you fairly closely.

    They put me in the hospital over 3 weeks ago because our girl had some absent flows, but thankfully we're still pregnant and her flows, though still not perfect, are stable and no longer absent, and for now I'm on fairly strict bed rest at home. She is growing very slowly, but at the least she is still growing. Her other testing has been pretty normal. In the meantime, try to relax, take it easy, make sure you're getting enough to eat and enough sleep. I'd ask your OB whether or not you should restrict any activities. There is ALOT of information out there about IUGR. I'm a family doctor and once I realized looking up information on IUGR (even on medical websites that I fully trust) was giving me extra stress, I stopped. Ask your OB about questions you do have, and you may want to ask whether you need to be seen by a perinatologist. Hope this helps, and well wishes!

  • Hi, you are definatly posting in the right spot. If you ever want to, feel free to private message me. at 21 weeks some specialist told me my baby wouldnt make it, because of how small he is & how low the fluid was. ii never went back to that dr. My ob did a follow up u/s at 23 weeks & diagnosed wit5h asymetrical iugr. I have gone for 2 nsts & bpps a week, 1 level 2 w/ doppler a week and 1 appt with my ob. They prepared me for the worst and my first goal was getting to viabilty at 26 weeks. Now we are setting the goal to 30 weeks, 1 week and 2 days away now! My fluid was really really low at the 23ish weeks, it was 4 cms. now its up to 8.3cms! they think my iugr may be because of my crohns disease, but they really have no idea. my baby has been growing, but he is still really small, at 1 & 1/2 pounds at 28 weeks. I ALSO forgot to mention at 23 weeks i recieved the 2 steroid shots to help mature the lungs & brain, to be ready for delivery at anytime.
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  • I was diagnosed with assymetrical IUGR at 29 weeks. It hit me completely out of the blue because at my 24 week ultrasound LO was in the 75th%. For some reason, my placenta started dying very early on and that was the cause. 

    I was monitored with BPPs twice a week until I was induced at 36 weeks. My LO was born weighing 5.3 and very healthy.

    I was prepared to deliver early at any point if a sonogram showed the baby in distress. For that reason I was given steroid shots so make sure you ask about those! 


  • Thank you guys so much for the responses. I'm just so scared and don't know where to turn. My doc said that everything was proportional, so I'm assuming that means its symmetrical IUGR. They said the fluid was good right now as well. I don't remember them checking blood flow though, I will ask about that when I go for my next appt. I just hate that I have to wait another month to find out more. I know it has to be that long as its giving time for the baby to grow, but its so nerve wrecking. It was all such a shock to me that this baby is so tiny, seeing that my first son was 9 pounds when he was born. Thanks again! I really do appreciate it!
  • I know how scary it is!! My twins were dx at 25w, daughter was 5th son was SGA 13th. No cord flow issues, was followed with growth scans/ us every two weeks and non stress tests starting at 28w. My daughter actually dropped off the chart at 32w (0%) my son  was at 4% at that time. They continued to grow on their own lil curve and my son had a surprise increase between 32-34. I had my kids on Friday at 34w2d, they were both "larger" then estimated. He wasn't even IUGR but just SGA (12th percentile), she was on the growth chart!! at 4% but we will take it <: Ethan weighed 4lbs 7oz and Allison weighed 3lb 4oz. They are both doing great!! They will be in the NICU because of their age but they are eating like champs right now especially her!

    I did not have cord flow issues or placenta issues, they think my kids were just small. I had an egg donor that was 5'1" 105 so they think this is the main contributor to the small measurements. I just wanted to share that things can be positive . We got almost 10 more weeks of growth!! Also, my delivery was because Ethan got the cord wrapped around his belly not because of IUGR. Best of luck to you!! and I know it's hard but don't "look"for the stories because they will scare you! Make sure you know why your kids may be having issues, they may just be small and not having placenta or cord flow issues. 

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  • Hi! I recognize you from the June board!

    I am also going through IUGR. Mine has restricted cord flow, and I was put in the hospital over the weekend for observation. Baby has not gotten any worse, which I guess is good. His belly was in the 3%, whereas the rest of him is small but not as small. I was put on moderate bedrest (although I'm in the office today, I'll be WFH 2 days a week) and I go for ultrasounds 3 days a week now. Might go down to 2 days a week. I was also put on steroids while I was in the hospital and may be put on them again at some point. 

    It's been rough... and scary. Trying to take things day by day and hope for the best!

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  • Thanks again! It's just frustrating that they don't know whats causing it. I don't remember then checking the cord flow though, maybe at my next appt.? I will definitely be asking about it. Hopefully he is just a small little guy, but I just hate all the unknown. I will keep you updated.
  • My son was an iugr baby. I was induced at 37 weeks and he weighed 4lb 9oz but was perfectly healthy. Now at 10 months he is 20lbs and in the 40th% for weight. My IUGR was believed to be caused by pregnancy induced hypertention. I wish you the best,my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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