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Booo! I failed my 1hr glucose test.

And I'm just creeping up on 11weeks! I know I had GD last time, but if I get it this early this time, I think that makes me more likely to need meds, and I'm sooo hoping to avoid meds(I was able to last time).

I'm already mentally locating my American Diabetes Association book so I can go home and read it. and refresh my memory on carb exchanges and all that jazz... I'm just not looking forward to 6 months of finger pricks... I was so sore last time just from 6 weeks of it.

Re: Booo! I failed my 1hr glucose test.

  • :( I'm sorry. Are they letting you do the three hour?

  • Fyre - IDK, they didn't call me, I got my results online. I would assume they'll have me do a 3hr test next, especially since my A1C just two weeks ago was good (so my overall blood sugar control is fine, I just had that one bad spot after drinking orange flavored sugar.

    Hijoi - you are absolutely correct. if I HAVE to I'll take insulin all the time. I'm just crossing my fingers it doesn't come to that. I've looked into modifying my diet (I've already been logging my food, but mainly watching my calories so I don't gain weight to fast) I've adjusted my food log to count my carbs based on what I can remember of my carb goals from my last pregnancy. I may ask my Mom if she has any glucose strips she can give me too, I still have my meter, just no lancets or test strips, and I know she has the same meter. (it's a one touch ultra, I think those are still fairly popular... then again, maybe I should let them give me a new one...)

  • Well, good luck! I'm still waiting for my 3 hour results. *sigh*

  • I DID pass my 3hr with flying colors! Woohoo! (my last number was actually lower than my fasting number...not sure if that means anything) but all 4 draws were well within range.


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