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Accessories for the City Mini?

What accessories do you have for your city mini? 

I think I want a parent cup holder/console thing (I've seen a lot of people get this one instead of the baby jogger one) and the child tray.  Any opinions on either of those?

Is there something else that I am forgetting that you have and love? Thanks!

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Re: Accessories for the City Mini?

  • we have used the city mini since DD was born and the child tray is still in the box.  The belly bar however is fabulous!  We did get the rain cover and it was great when we used it but it is a pain to store!

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  • We have the infant seat adaptor, parent console and child tray.  I am not sure how I lived without child tray previously.  The only way I can keep toddler in stroller is by putting snacks on tray- ha ha.  It is my savior.
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  • Do you fly at all? Even if it's a trip or two a year, I would recommend the bag. It's pricey, but worth it when you gate check your stroller. Keeps it CLEAN.

    Definitely get the tray. You'll want it for when they are older.


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  • I have the parent console you have linked in your post.  Love it!
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  • That parent console and the child tray are exactly what we have and they're both great.

    I don't see the point of the belly bar, especially for the price. The child tray has all the same function (kid can use it to pull up or prop feet on it) but you can also put food on it - which is WAY necessary now that I have a hungry, distractible almost-one-year-old.

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  • We have the tray and it sits so high that DS can barely see over it - and he's above average in height.  I'm sure it'll be nice in the future but right now it just pisses him off. 

    I also have the bag for flying and it's nice.  I bought mine for less than $30 on in the scratch and dent section and I've seen it there several times since I bought it.  I figured since it's going to get beat up anyway it doesn't really matter if it's already beat up, but it was in perfect condition (the box was really beat up though.)

    I also have the cupholder, but haven't found a need thus for for any parent console.  I just use the pocket on the seat back for my purse and then the basket underneath for other misc stuff. 

    Once DS gets older I think I'm going to buy the glider board so that he can ride on the back if he wants.

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  • I had just bought the same Diono parent console from Amazon after seeing it raved about on here.  Just got an email from with some sale items and it's listed there for $7.49, so half off!  I did notice some of the other accessories on sale there too, just so you know.  I haven't bought any other accessories yet though... not sure what we really need.
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