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How did you feel after your 3 hour glucose test?

I'm going on Saturday morning to have my 3 hour glucose test done.  For my 1 hour test, I drove myself to and from the doctor's office.  I'm assuming this time, since I will have gone without food for 15+ hours, I may not feel able to drive after the test so I plan on having my husband drop me off and pick me up.  We have a 5 year old, so I'm not going to make them sit around with me for 3 hours in the waiting room. 

My sister wants to come in from out of town to visit on Saturday afternoon and I'm just wondering if I will really feel up to it.  Will I feel better after I eat something after the test?  Will I just be tired/groggy?  Please share your experiences.  Thanks so much!

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Re: How did you feel after your 3 hour glucose test?

  • I felt nauseous right after the drink, but after the 3 hours, I felt fine.  I was starving, so brought crackers and water for the ride home, but other than that, went about my day.


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  • Te lab has snacks that they handed me for after.  I wanted to throw up the drink the entire time. once I got food in my I was fine.  I don't see any reason to have someone drive you 
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  • I felt fine though my blood sugar crashed about 15 minutes after the test and I had to eat right away.  So bring a small snack for as soon as you are done.

    Although it is true that you won't have eaten in that long, you are essentially drinking straight sugar which will kick up your blood sugar in the short term.

    I had a normal day after my test.

  • i felt fine when i finished, then drove myself to the deli to get a sandwich, and by the time i pulled into my driveway (about 20 minutes after the last blood draw) i was shaking so badly i could hardly get the sandwich to my mouth.  was also dizzy and tired.  i slept for about 4 hours after eating and then felt ok, just a little tired the rest of the day.

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  • I did the 3 hour about a week ago.  The fasting wasn't terrible, but I'm pretty bad at eating breakfast regularly at a decent time, so it wasn't as bad for me as it might be for someone else.

    I drove myself and returned to work after the test.  I had a peanut butter sandwich and crackers and a giant bottle of water waiting for me in the car after.  I ate and sat for about 10 minutes before I drove.

    I felt fine driving and returning to work. I was tired, and I developed a minor headache, and was grumpy, but not inherently unwell.  I definitely felt dehydrated though, so I'd recommend you pay particular attention to hydration - I could/should have done better there.  I was just fine the next day.

    I passed the test though - I've heard anecdotally that you'll feel worse if you fail.  No idea how true that is.  It's pretty unhappy either way.

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