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What are your bedtime routines?

Can you please share your bedtime routines with your LO?s?  I?d love to hear some ideas because I need to change ours now that she?s getting older.

Thank you!


Re: What are your bedtime routines?

  • My DD's bedtime is around 7:30 every night unless it's been a busy day and she is tired and hungry earlier, then I will put her down around 7.

    For the 7:30 schedule, it looks like this:

    7:00 - bath

    7:10 - California Baby lavendar calendula lotion (relaxes her, she loves it) and dressed in PJ's

    7:15 - Few minutes of sing/calm play time in her room

    7:20ish - Bottle

    7:25 - book and then bed

  • H and I take turns putting LO to bed - actual falling asleep (he is still rocked). H will feed him his dinner to give me a break and we bathe him together.

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  • Ours has been basically the same since Lila was born.  Time is changing right now, but here's the schedule we were on:

    730 bath

    750 lotion, jammies on, prayers, sleep sack on

    800 last feeding (5 minutes each side, lamp on)

    810/815 lamp off, lay down in crib, turn on music

    I've been trying to add a book in, but I'm not sure where it's going to end up in the final schedule.

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  • She eats dinner around 6:30, then we have a little quiet play time or reading time. By 7:45pm she's in the bath, then diaper/lotion/PJs, nurse, crib. We sing songs while she's getting her lotion & PJs on. She's down by 8:30 most nights and STTN until 9am. This has been her routine since 3 weeks old.

    I don't plan to change anything until she self-weans off the before bed nursing, but I honestly don't think it will be long before she does. I'm never full at bedtime anymore despite no daytime feedings and she only nurses 5-10 minutes. Once she weans off it completely, we'll do a cup of milk after play/reading, then add in a teeth brushing with bathtime. Then it'll be diaper/lotion/PJs, book or singing, bed.

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  • Around 6- DD has dinner with Mommy and Daddy

    630-730 Playtime 

    730- Bath or sponge bath (alternate due to dry skin), lotion/massage, pajamas

    750- Bottle in living room with lights off, TV turned low

    We normally put her into her crib around 8:15 and she plays for about 15 minutes before dozing off.  She SSTN until 7-730. 

    I'm thinking about adding a book after her bottle since she's been wide awake post-bottle recently.  

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