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I wish my body would cooperate...

I know this is something we have all thought. 

This is my first cycle after 3 months of Lupron with my one remaining ovary that always responded before but was behind the other one.   We are doing Femera and Injectables and on Day 11 I had nothing over 6.  Now we upped the dose and I go back on Thursday to see if anything has happened. 

We had just both agreed to do IVF if this cycle didn't work but now I am worried that may not even be an option.  

This really sucks.

Me- 37, DH- 32. TTC- June 2010- Adoption journey started April 2012

Re: I wish my body would cooperate...

  • ((Hugs)) This is so frustrating. I can so relate right now to the body not cooperating problem. Could it just be that it is taking a while for your ovary to wake up after such a long time on lupron? Doesn't lupron shut down everything? I hope things progress over the next couple of days.
  • I completely understand your frustration, I am going through the same thing, even on the Lupron too.  I'm sorry that you are going through this. My only advice is to try not to be too hard on yourself about it. I have gotten very down on myself because my body isn't cooperating and I think it just adds to the stress of this whole thing. Good luck, I really hope things progress for you soon.



    TTC since 3/2010. Me 41, DH-49. After 3 years, 6 IUIs and several IVFs we have finally have our beautiful baby girl, born on 11/7/13.

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  • Thank you both!  You both have said things my DH has been saying but sometimes hearing the advice from another sources makes it make more sense.
    Me- 37, DH- 32. TTC- June 2010- Adoption journey started April 2012
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