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Still spreading the news

So tonight I decided to tell all my coworkers the sex of the baby with a sweet treat. I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and filled the inside with raspberry icing. It was a huge hit! Everyone was told not to show their cupcake after biting in. Everytime someone went into the pantry and got one I heard them scream or laugh. It was so much fun. But, I have to say I really need to invest in a stand mixer because making butter cream icing with a hand mixer is no fun!
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Re: Still spreading the news

  • Love your idea of spreading the news!



  • That's a cute idea. We did a gender reveal cake cutting party for family. It was so cute seeing all of their reactions. Congrats and welcome to Team Pink!

    Damn, now I want a cupcake! Stick out tongue

  • Cute idea!
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  • What a fun, awesome way to spread the news!  Now I am in the mood for a cupcake!
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