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Just got 2 pairs of recycled wool longies for $20! This lady on etsy is having a sale if anyone is interested :)


<img width=300 src="">

This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: Score!

  • Those are so cute!

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  • Holly is a fellow goodmama user and her knitted wool is lovely and hard to come by too!  Her customs list is closed while she catches up.  I've never tried her stuff but I'd love to.  Recycled wool works just as well -- it just means she's sewn together longies/soakers from wool sweaters.  I'm sure the quality is top-notch, and those prices are great!  I think her income goes straight to buying more wool (yarn) and to goodmamas too. ;) Good find!!! :)

    (On Wednesday I bought the 1981 goodmama diaper that she made those rainbow longies to match!)
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