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OB/GYN in Seattle for over 40

Hey, I'm looking at trying to get pregnant at 44. Anyone out there have a suggestion for an OB/GYN in the Seattle area who specializes in advanced maternal age?




Re: OB/GYN in Seattle for over 40

  • I'm in the Seattle area (Newcastle).  I don't have a OB/GYN yet, but I am working with Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Letterie at SRM (Seattle Reproductive Medicine).

    This is my first IVF cycle with SRM, and so far everything has gone well.

    Dr. Kennedy recommended the Maternal Fetal Medicine OB's at Evergreen hospital, if this cycle works and I get my BFP! i'll be moving forward with one of the OB's in MFM at Evergreen.

    Good Luck :)

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    I also went to SRM for my fertility work up and ivf. I am happy to say that they got me pregnant.

    I do not go to an mfm clinic, but see an ob at Seattle women's clinic at minor and James. They are affiliated with Swedish.

    In addition, I see/saw a fertility specialist in acupuncture and tcm.

     If you want names and honest feedback, I am happy to answer any questions by private message. 

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  • I see the reproductive endocrinologists at the University of Washington--Dr. Lin is my primary doctor there. I don't actually have an OB/Gyn. Things weren't working as quickly as I felt they should, so I referred myself to an RE and never looked back. I love my clinic, love the doctors, love the nurses. I'm happy to answer any questions, etc. if you are interested. I'm leaning towards Swedish-Ballard if we do get pregnant, but only because it is 4 blocks from my house. Not because I have any strong feelings about them one way or another. Smile
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