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I am team..... (and lots of updates)


I know its been a while. Working nights messes up my nesting/bump time. 

Well, Sat was 16 weeks and when I went to my doc last Thurs she would not schedule my anatomy scan until March 21st. That is far to long to wait, so we decided to make an appointment at Little Bo Peep Sun afternoon. We are extremly excited to be team pink :) The HR on Thurs was 152 and Sun 154 so the old wives tale was correct in this case. We have already picked our name. Megan decided the first name would be Riley. No particular reason other than she always liked it and I fell in love with the name since it is Irish and means Island meadow. I picked the middle name May, which was my mothers middle name. So, Riley May it is!

We told my family with pink carnations and a balloon. My aunt came up the steps and looked at the flowers and said what are thoes for? My cuz told her to look at the balloon and she started shaking and crying. Im really glad we waited till she made it up the steps. lol

We told Meg's family with balloons and they were very excited. Her sister has a 2 y.o. son so they are excited to have the best of both worlds with a girl and boy grandchild.

I was wanted to find out what we were having so bad so that we could go shopping. We went to Babys R Us and Target after and never bought one thing... Maybe I was just emotionally drained.

Also, we made an offer on a house in Halethorpe and it was accepted. This is going to be such a busy time...

Sorry for all the run on's just excited to share.

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Re: I am team..... (and lots of updates)

  • Yay for team pink! Good luck with the house!
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  • Congrats on both fronts!
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  • Welcome to team pink! Congratulations on the house too!



  • Congratulations!!!  Great news on all fronts. :) :)
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  • Congratulations on everything!! Don't worry, you'll soon be buying up a storm but I agree that it is overwhelming at first. I love her name!
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    Someone's getting a little brother!
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  • Congratulations on your daughter!  BRU can be very overwhelming, but you have PLENTY of time.
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  • Congrats on the good news. You do still have plenty of time!
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  • awww, that is great news. congrats!
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  • Congratulations!! Such an exciting time!!

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  • Thanks for the well wishes everyone! Sarah Kate I love the before/after siggy pic :)
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