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Just a little background first.  I'm a FTM and my due date is March 27.  I had HBP going into pregnancy & it has been controlled so far, just little spikes every now and then but no signs of Pre-E just yet.  Based on measurements at my last ultrasound, my baby girl is measuring about 7lbs, 2oz.  My dr. is also concerned because she is way up & hasn't dropped at all.  He said he wants me to try and make it to 37 weeks and that I'm 99% going to have a c-section.  I was just wanting to know what to expect.  I've never had surgery nor been in the hospital & I'm just an anxious person in general.  Any advice or calming suggestions would be helpful & again, just want to expect with a c-section.  TIA!! 

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  • For a planned c/s, you will go in the about 2 hours before surgery time. They will hook you up to monitors, do an IV, do either a spinal or epi, plus ask you a ton of questions. They will give dh something to put on over his clothes. My hospital they are blue suits that are made out of almost paper. At my hospital they wheel you into the OR then put you on the OR table while dh waits outside. Once they get you in place dh comes in and sit up at your head.

    For both of my c/s, the baby was out in about 20 minutes from the tiime they started. They wrapped the baby up and handed him to dh to show me then dh and hte baby went to recovery while they stitched me up and then did durmabond on the outside. I was in recovery within 30-45 minutes after the baby came out. I had to stay in recovery for 2 hours then they sent us up to our room.

    Things you might want to ask your OB:

    1. epi or spinal - my hospital does epis no matter what b/c they switch it to a pain pump during surgery which you keep for 24 hours.

    2. pain meds they will give you

    3. Once the baby comes out, what happens? Does dh stay with the baby? Where do you go for recovery? - this is important since you want to know what is going to happen afterwards. I know some hospitals take the baby to a nursery instead of recovery with you. So finding this all out will help you know and be comfrotable. Plus if you want dh with the baby at all times this will give you time to let your wishes be known.

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  • I had my C-section (also my first surgery, unless wisdom teeth count) on Wednesday. It really was not bad, and I was super nervous going in. I checked in two hours before surgery, stayed very busy with getting IVs placed and epidural in, and the surgery was over before I knew it. I didn't feel a thing, and my husband and a very nice anesthesiologist sat at my head and stroked my hair and talked to me. I felt a little sick during surgery, but the anesthesiologist was watching my BP and had already given me anti-nausea meds before I even mentioned it (so it kicked in literally as I was telling him I didn't feel well). 

    As far as recovery, I was in bed for 24 hours and in the hospital for four nights. I felt a little woozy the first time I got up to pee, but no worse than with my vaginal birth. Today, I feel awesome. I'm walking around, doing light house work, etc.  My abdomen is achy, but not exactly painful. 

    I'd agree with the others that ultrasound is not a great indicator of size as well. They told me after a 37 week ultrasound that my first daughter was 11 pounds (!!!), but she was only 8 pounds 2 ounces. I'd say don't worry before you know for sure that you will have one, but even if you need a C, don't worry then either. It's really not bad at all. 

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