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So much gear!

My husband has so much gear etc (along with tons of electronic stuff for everything) so how do you store it? Our current system is obnoxious, but I can't think of something better because I don't really know what funtions they serve.

I may be just over sensitive to family has called me ocd with the organization more than once.



Editing to clarify: I have some solutions for the electronic stuff, but the goodness. We don't have closet space for them and they are everywhere.

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Re: So much gear!

  • Like uniform gear or just electronic?

    If you mean electronic, I'm in your boat.  We literally have EVERY game system from Nintendo to PS3 (oh and of course we have to have the PS2 too!).  I have one of the double glass door bookshelves from Ikea for the games and accessories.  We have a 52 inch tv so our ent. center is gigantic too - we keep the PS3, Xbox and wii plugged into the tv at all times and then the game cube, ps2, super nintendo, nintendo, and n64 are on the bottom self to be accessible.  I keep all of the extra cords and remotes in linen boxes in the bookshelf. 

    For other electronic cords, I put everything in a plastic tub in the office so we always know where the camera cords and chargers are. 

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  • If you mean uniform, then I feel you. We have pretty limited storage and for right now, it's pretty much filled with DH's stuff. I wish I had a great solution for you, but I hate to even look at it. We have separate closets so I usually don't have to deal with it. We do most of our family stuff in my car, so he even has a good portion of it in the trunk of his car.
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  • We also have separate closets, and his out of season stuff gets put in boxes for the duration of the season. 
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  • My husband uses the front closet just for his uniforms and gear, he even keeps his tan shirts, pt gear, and socks in small bins on the shelf above the hanger bar.  We have some hooks by the front entrance that we use for our coats, but we are in California so we don't use many coats really. ;) I prefer having all his gear/uniforms all together in one place and separate from all his other things.  It works out really well when he is looking for something uniform related, because he only has to look in that one area.  
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  • We took all my H's desert uniforms and put them in a space bag. The old ones are currently under our bed, where the ones he currently has in Afghanistan will go when we get home. I keep his flight suits/blues that he uses everyday/week in our closet. His work shirts/socks have a designated drawer in our dresser. His helmet/flight bag/ect. are on the top shelf of our hallway closet. Oh yeah, his PT's have a specific spot on the shelf in our closet. My H is not a morning person so it's easier for all of us if I (we) keep everything in the same spot!

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