TTC after 35

~Hey Llama~

Did you have fun in Vegas?  I am happy to say DH survived the craps and blackjack tables and broke even.  I did lots of window shopping :)  We stayed at the Bellagio, that hotel is amazing, it's huge!

I hope you got to take home a souvenir from Vegas :)

Me:40 AMA, DH:36 0% morph, TTC#1;
BFP#1 4/2011, MMC 6/2011 11wks Trisomy 13;
BFP#2 11/2011, CP
FSH: 17.9, AMH: 2.2
IVF#1 w/ICSI: ER 4/3: 5R,4M,4F
ET 4/6 All 4 (1-8A+, 2-8A-, 1-3A) BFP#3
Two weeks of beta hell = Blighted Ovum
IVF#2 Aug/Sept: ER 8/27: 4R,3M,3F
ET 8/30 (1-8A+, 1-6A+)
Beta#1 9/10: 350; Beta#2 9/12: 796; Beta#3 9/20: 9155
Expecting Boy/Girl Twins! My babies were born 4/23/13 at 36w1d!


Re: ~Hey Llama~

  • Yes we had a great time!  Ds's baseball team came in 1st place in the tournament!  It was so exciting!  The team they played against in the final game had the son of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf so we got to do some celebrity sighting as well.  :)  I only did a little gambling (video poker) but I won about $40.. Dh lost about $40 so we broke even as well.  :)

    I hope I get a souvenir too but it is not looking very likely.  I did not have good timing and with all the stress of packing, driving, getting out the door to games on time, getting lost, etc it will be a miracle if my TTC plans work out!  

     Glad you had such a good time!  I have been in the Belagio but never stayed there.  It IS gorgeous!

    Me: 40 Dh: 41, TTC since August 2009, began Acupuncture and Herbs Sept 2011, began Temping and Charting Nov 2011. image
  • My fingers are still crossed for you Llama!!!!! I hope all that tea is worth it!
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  • How are you doing llama?
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