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$%#[email protected]&! mmmrrhmphgrr....(vent)

omgosh.  DS went to bed at 9...up at 9:45.  I nurse to sleep in our bed.  Up at 10:30.  Nurse.  Up at 12. Nurse.  Up at 1:30.  Nurse.  Up at 3:45 and thinks my shrill "WTH is going on?" is funny.  Diaper change.  Leave lights off in the nursery but we play on the floor while I lay on the floor with a pillow and comforter.  He's tired, wants to nurse.  Nurse to sleep on the floor in my arms.  We fall asleep for about an hr.  I get up to put him in his PnP beside our bed.  He wakes up. Cries. Back to our bed.  Nurse.  Up a few times more.  DH let me sleep till 9 (woke on my own).  I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Weird nursing side lying positions and Im exhausted.  Granted he's teething now, but whyyyyy does all the crazy come out at night?  Sorry--I just had to vent!  Thanks for listening!  Anyone else have crazy nights like that?  jeeeeeeeez Tongue Tied

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  • Just listening to this makes me want to cry for you.  I remember nights like this.  Hang in there. 
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  • I feel your pain.  Even at 25 months my son still pulls this on occasion.  No good, especially when pregnant.  Hope you get a good nights rest soon!
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  • Thanks ladies!  Nice to know I'm not alone!
  • Not alone!  Does your LO happen to be 10 months old?? lol, because mine is.  He got his bottom 2 teeth at 8 months, got his first top tooth last week, and seriously there was NO change in his behavior/sleep/crying with those first 3 teeth.  This fourth tooth, however, has turned him into a different baby at night!  We bedshare, and the past 3 nights I've had to get him out of bed and rock/nurse him back to sleep because he was inconsolable in bed!  Last night was the absolute worst, not only does he want to nurse every 30 minutes, but as soon as he's done and rolls over to go to sleep he just can't get comfortable and we start the process over again...REPEATEDLY!  Crazy thing is that during the day he is just as smiley and happy as ever!  DH and I were talking about this awful screaming at night with family, and they all say "but he never cries, I just can't imagine that."  

     Sorry for the vent and stealing your post, but GOOD LUCK!   

  • This was DD from 4 to 10 months. Hang in there, it gets better. It is great that you can nurse to sleep again, perhaps put him next to you in bed so you don't fall asleep on the floor? That's what I did for several months, for half the night, much more comfortable.
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  • that is exactly how my LO is while teething. ugh. not fun. 

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  • Reading this brings it all back!  I am sorry, I know it sucks and being tired makes everything so hard to deal with.  DS didn't really struggle with teething until getting molars at about 20 months.  Then I had weeks of this type of thing.  Teething is so hard on them and on Mommy.  I hope it passes soon!!
  • My nights sound similar when DD is teething. :( She's not teething now, and she was still up 3x to nurse, and spent countless time in between rolling around on top of me, crawling up onto my pillow, sleeping on my arm (so that it falls asleep at some point), etc. I wake up all sore from sleeping in some crazy position. The only plus is that I'm not getting out of bed more than that first time. It's the getting out of bed and trying to get DD to sleep in her crib again that makes me even more exhausted in the morning.
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