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Are steamed crabs ok to eat during pregnancy?


I am recently pregnant and will be all summer long! I am a big crab eater, and I know I might not even like them because of the pregnancy....but just incase I do still love them, are they safe to eat? I am going for my prenatal visit this week, but thought I would get some feed back on here as well as my OB.

Thanks all!

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Re: Are steamed crabs ok to eat during pregnancy?

  • I ate them several times throughout my pregnancy - you should be fine but ask your Dr. to be sure. Congrats on the pregnancy!
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  • i ate them a bunch of times when i was pregnant too. when i did i just ate only a few
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  • As long as they're cooked & not bad, they should be fine!  I ate crabs during my first pregnancy & have had other seafood during both pregnancies.


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  • I ate them a handful of times too.  They were extra delicious because I wanted them so bad.

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  • imagetmm140:
    I ate them a handful of times too.  They were extra delicious because I wanted them so bad.

    This I ate them during both pregnancy. 




  • Yeah, they should be fine. FTR, my friend asked her OB this question and he said try to limit it to 4 crabs. I can never eat more than that anyway because I get tired of picking them :)
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  • Agreed. I wanted to write though to say that I actually got food poisoning from shellfish while I was pregnant (and have gotten it while not pregnant too, so I'm clearly just susceptible). While it sucked, the good news is my doctor said that it wouldn't affect the baby at all unless I got too dehydrated. So, even if you got a bad crab and got sick, it probably wouldn't hurt your baby (but I agree-ask your doctor!).


  • They are fine! Just the other high mercury fish you really need to worry about. I have been getting random cravings, by either reading about food or seeing it on TV. Read a book and the couple went to a mexican restaurant, had to have a burrito. Saw something about seafood on TV, went to Joe's Crab Shack. I made sure to ask that first thing once we confirmed with the doctor, since I will also be preggo all summer long!


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