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Sawyer James Birth Story-long

Hi ladies, i've lurked here for my entire pregnancy and enjoyed reading all of your posts! I thought i should share my birth story :D

New Years day The hubby and I went to a family bbq and boy o boy did I eat, let me tell you that i have never enjoyed the holidays more than when i was pregnant! We headed home and went to bed that night, around 11pm that night i woke up to go to the bathroom, my panties seemed pretty wet, which was out of the ordinary, thinking it was just more discharge than normal i went back to bed. by 6am i wasnt so sure that this was discharge. I called the Dr. and they told me to head to labor and delivery just to get checked out. We made the 40min drive, they did an exam and wanted to check for amniotic fluid, they did the test and said it was negative, and was told to return if it continued or of course if i felt contractions. 6pm that night i just felt like the fluid wasnt normal and we drove back to this hospital, thank goodness for me knowing my body because this time the test was positive for amniotic fluid. I was only 32 weeks and freaking out!

My Dr decided to keep me on hospital bed rest, since my fluid was leaking but thankfully i wasnt dilated but was having slight contractions that i couldnt feel. they gave me magnesium to hopefully stop the contractions and steroids to help with the babies lungs if he decided to come. I was scared to death but my hubby was so strong and supportive and helped keep me calm even though i am sure he was freaking out inside. This was our first baby. The Drs and nicu staff decided the plan was to keep me in the hospital on bed rest and try to keep the baby in till at least 34 weeks if not longer. The Contractions were finally stopped late the next day. and throughout the next two weeks they continued to check my fluid level which was dropping more and more every day.

Jan 14th they checked my fluid level and it was 3cm very very low, and baby was showing some signs of stress. I was 33 1/2 weeks pregnant the drs decided the best thing to do was induce. I was told this process could take a while since it was my first baby and technically my body was not ready to labor. boy were they wrong 10 hours later it was time to push, not only was i terrified because it was my first baby but also since he was coming so early.

Sawyer James was born at 10:11pm on Jan 14th weighing 4lbs 2oz and 17 1/2 inches long, thankfully his lungs were working but he needed a little assistance. they took him to the nicu and daddy followed. God was watching over our family that day, Sawyer had a knot in his cord and i had an infection in my placenta, dr said if i would have went to full term we may not have been so lucky.

Sawyer was kept in the nicu for only 2 weeks and sent home! He is our little fighter and at 39 weeks gestational age and 1month being here he is weighing in at 5lbs 12oz and doing remarkable. We are so in love and so Blessed. Thanks for reading! :D
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