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Coed shower - games for guys?

My sisters and I are throwing a shower for our brother and SIL. It is his first child, but not hers, so she wanted it to be coed. I think she feels like she's already had one for her son (who is almost 11). That's fine, but we've never been to any coed showers before, so are not sure how to proceed. I don't want to bore the guys completely, so I think my usual repertoire of word games is out.

We were thinking of doing baby food tasting, since all the guys have kids except my baby brother, so they "should" know their foods and I think they'll be amused to find out if they really do or not.

The other one suggested to me was candy bars in diapers. 

What has gone over well with guys at your coed showers?

(and we've already nixed chugging beer in baby bottles)

Thanks :)

Re: Coed shower - games for guys?

  • How about no games at all?  Really- you don't have to have games, even if it was just women!
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  • image EastCoastBride:
    How about no games at all?  Really- you don't have to have games, even if it was just women!

    This. My shower was last weekend and, while not coed, we didn't play games.

    That said, if you still want to, I wouldn't do the candy bars in the diapers. To me, it's not clever or fun, just gross.

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  • DH and I are doing a co-ed shower in June. It's going to be more of a BBQ, we're inviting both men and women. We'll have the pool open and horse shoes outside and rock band inside. Mostly it will be us visiting everyone. No games for us.
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  • I would nix any games that involve eating, drinking or touching food.  One game that the guys are usually OK with is kind of a "price is right" type game.  I've only been to a couple of true co-ed showers and they didn't have any games...except one that was in the early summer and they played lawn games.  Will it be nice weather when you have the shower...maybe you can do something outside?
  • I'm not actually big on the candy bar diaper one either. There are always games at showers in my family, so they would definitely be missed if we skipped them. It's in 3 weeks, so outside is not an option. 

    I like the price is right idea. Thanks :) I will run that one past my sisters. I remember now going to a shower once where they did a game like that and it was a big hit. 

  • Another one I just saw (on here maybe, a couple posts down I think???) is a candy bar game. You have a word sheet with pregnancy terms & the players have to guess the candy that matches best - i.e.   Positive pg test/conception.....Skor toffee bar, etc. Have the players do this as couples, I think the guys would be ok with it.

    This link has the basic info on the game, then tweak to your liking!

    Edit: Here's the original post, i'm including it as it has a link with a list for different candy bars to use


  • image EastCoastBride:
    How about no games at all?  Really- you don't have to have games, even if it was just women!

    Ya, I vote no games for guys.

  • I think games are very unnecessary and dumb. Elementary school class party? Yes! gathering of adults? No! Not unless we're talking about interesting board/card games and the like (Apples to Apples, oh man). Baby shower games tend to be ridiculous to me, and not in a good way.

    I talked to DH about the games and he was floored that they occurred. Especially the candy bar/diaper game. He said he can't imagine his mother ever doing anything like that and suggested that games may be a more recent trend but I wasn't sure. He doesn't drink so beer in bottles would be pointless. We agreed that time at a shower is best spent on talking with friends and family and spending time together. It's rare that people in our family get together so we wouldn't want to waste time doing anything structured.

    I guess if your friends have the right kind of personalities, games would be fine... I just know that a lot of women don't like the games and I'd imagine men dislike them a lot more. 

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  • I guess it depends on the friends/family to attend.  My friends and family tend get invovled and don't mind the "cheesiness" of the games.  While I agree that the candy bar in a diaper is gross, and we opted out of all food tasting games -- we did have a baby bottle chugging contest at our Gender Reveal Party (but everyone chose their own drink).  My sister-in-law (who is planning my shower) has suggested Pregnant Twister (everyone sticks a balloon up their shirt and plays twister).  Cheesy?  Yes.  My DH and most of the guys to attend would really get into it.

    Good luck either way.


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  • I hosted a co-ed shower this weekend, and the MTB really wanted games, so we did.

    - We played a diaper stacking game (there was a pile of diapers in the middle, players were blindfolded, and had 1 minute to stack as many diapers as they could).

    - We played "My Water Broke". Each player got a dixie cup with a little plastic baby in an ice cube. They had to try to get the baby out of the ice without pouring anything into the cup, taking the baby out of the cup, or microwaving the cup. First one to do it and shout "my water broke" won.

    - We played "build a crib for Baby Ruth". Players grabbed toothpicks and marshamallows from a bowl and had 2 minutes to build a crib out of them. The crib had to support a fun-size Baby Ruth candy, and the mom and dad to be picked their favorite crib. I got the marshmallows and toothpicks from the Dollar Store so it was cheap and everyone was really into it.

    - We also played the Oreo game. Players had to get an oreo from their forehead, into their mouth without using their hands. The pictures for this game are priceless! So funny!

  • At my sisters baby shower we had about 8 guys, all of whom had to have shoe laces sit in chairs. they were each given a deflated balloon and once the music started they all had to blow up their balloons and put them under their shirts. once they did that they had to try to tie their shoes with what now became a pregnant belly and then waddle from one end of the room to the other with an egg balanced on a spoon and one arm behind their back. it was one of the funniest things id ever seen.

    another one we did for both men and women was we had a bunch of teams of 4 or 5 people and each team had 2 rolls of toilet tissue. they had to pick one team member to be their baby and toilet paper a diaper on them in 3 mins. we had a big bin filled with diapers pacifiers baby bottles and anything else they wanted to pull from their purse or table to make the best baby. then we had each baby cat walk across the room to my sister one at a time to LMFAO's "im sexy and i know it" and let her pick who the winning team would be. the diapering is fun, but the things they do on the catwalk to win are absolutely priceless!!!!

  • I'm having a co ed baby shower.  For the most part, the guys will be outside doing guy things while the women are inside doing women things.  But I did want to include them on a game so I came up with matching baby socks.  With limited time each player would try to match up as many socks as possible.

     Now, this is just an idea that I'll have on hand.  If the guys are really opposed to it, it'll get nixed. 

     Another idea (that I really don't know if I like or not) is doing a "bring a pack of pampers and be entered in a raffle!"  Prize could be movie tickets, a gift card to a local liquor store, or anything guys would like.  Again, not sure I'd like this cause I'd be asking the woman to bring a gift and then they guy to bring pampers?   

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