Please tell me this cough won't kill me.... — The Bump

Please tell me this cough won't kill me....

I am just getting over a head cold and have this awful, lingering cough.  I remember how difficult it was to even take a deep breath after the CS last time... what am I doing to do!?  I am scheduled next Monday!
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Re: Please tell me this cough won't kill me....

  • I am so sorry! That will suck if it doens't go away by then. All I can offer is to hold a pillow against your abdomen when you are coughing. At the hospital, if it isn't gone, ask them what you can take. Hope it's gone by then though!
  • Oh no! I hope it's gone by then. I remember my first big sneeze - I thought that one sneeze had officially killed me lol. I agree with the pp to hold a pillow and kind of lean over beforehand. I know that helped me at least.
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  • Ohhhhh like the PPs said pillow is the only way to go, but I hope is gone by then. Well I can tell you that the day I got out of the hospital, when I got home I threw up... Yeah I thought I was gonna die... Laughing, sneezing or coughing although it hurts when you do thkse things it cannot compare to that horrible feeling :/


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