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Went to an orientation meeting on Monday!

We had our information session at one of the local adoption agencies Tuesday night.  I didn't really learn a whole, since I've done a lot of research about the agency and adoption in general, but DH enjoyed learning a little more about the process.  We also got to hear from the wife of a family who has adopted 2x through this agency (Catholic Charities).  She shared about the different experiences they've had with the agency and their birthmothers.

We got a really good feeling about the agency as a whole.  They are a small operation (1 social worker for the "Finally Home" program which does straight adoptions from foster care and 1 for the infant program).  They usually have between 12 & 18 families in each program at a time, and do 8-12 placements per program per year.  We love that we would only be working with one person throughout the process, rather than being shuffled around or dealing with a lot of different staff people. 

We're pretty excited to have picked this agency, but now I feel like we're "pre-waiting", since we can't really start the application process until next January (most likely) or so.  We have a lot of saving to do, but that feels very passive, and I don't really contribute to that because my paycheck pays only for my tuition and that's it.  It's frustrating to feel like there's nothing to be done right now.  I'll just have to focus on getting through school and continuing to educate myself and DH about open adoption in general and parenting.

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