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We're at Dell Children's Hospital. :(

Around midnight last night we brought A in due to a fever. Since she's so young, they have to do tons of tests (including a lumbar puncture). It was absolute torture hearing her scream through the tests and seeing her in so much pain. They said it isn't the flu and it doesn't look like meningitis but we are still waiting on other tests. We'll be here around 48 hrs give or take just waiting on the results. If you could send any thoughts, prayers or good vibes we would certainly appreciate it. I knew we'd have to deal with a sick kid someday but I didn't think it would be so much when she's so little. 

(Please don't mention on fb. We don't want to freak out the family. Thanks)  

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Re: We're at Dell Children's Hospital. :(

  • Lots of dust! Keep us updated.
  • How very scary! Lots of prayers headed your way and hoping that it's just some random fever that resolves itself very quickly!!!
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  • Oh no!  Big hugs to you and get well dust to baby A!   KUP!
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  • Dust headed your way, poor thing!
  • Oh no! Poor baby girl. Hang in there mama, I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Oh Jess...I'm so sorry.  How scary!  They're great there and will take good care of her!  You have my # - please let me know if I can do anything for you.  You guys are in my prayers!
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  • Yuck! Lots of get well dust to your baby!
  • Oh gosh, how tough! Lots of dust that little A gets better soon!

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  • Sending you guys lots of dust!
  • oh no! i'm so sorry! i hope you get some answers soon. that is hearbreaking.
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  • Oh no, I'm so sorry. Many healthy T&P for y'all. :-(
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  • Aww, poor baby!  And poor mama!  I hope she's all better soon and it's nothing to worry about.
  • Poor baby.  :(  I do hope she gets better asap!
  • hope she's already on the mend.
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  • Sending dust.
  • Poor baby, and poor parents! Sending lots of healing prayers and dust your way. Hope she feels better soon!!!!
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  • Thoughts and prayers for yall.

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  • I'm sorry! Lots of dust & prayers headed your way. It's so scary to be in the ER with a little one.
  • oh my gosh. sending lots of dust! hope everything's ok.
  • Imsorry to hear this :(. I hope all is well, please keep us updated. 
  • So scary! Big hugs to y'all and I hope she's better very soon!
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  • so scary!  Sending tons of get well dust and stay calm mama.  I hope you get nothing but fantastic news and great care. 

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  • OH Jess, I'm so sorry.  I hope everything comes back negative and that she is okay!!!
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  • Poor baby girl :( I'll definitely hold good thoughts and prayers for her and you. I hope she's better soon.
  • Lots of T&P sent your way.  
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  • ***hugs and nestie dust*** At least they've ruled out the super scary stuff. I hope she's getting better already. And I know you know, but she'll never be the wiser.

    Make sure you're still taking good care of yourself. You're still recovering too!

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  • Hugs and Dust.. hope y'all are doing better already!
  • Sending lots of dust your way.
  • Lots of get well dust! How very scary!
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