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Got my endoscopy. I have gastritis :(

So, the dr. thinks the gastritis is why I have come down with crappy acid reflux. He says I'll need to take Prevacid or Nexium for about 3 months and that should help it all heal up. He initially prescribed Aciphex, but insurance will not cover it. He still thinks it's ok for me to TTC while taking the meds and dealing with the gastritis, but I'm scared.

Coming off of this molar pregnancy nightmare, I'm just really anxious about taking any meds during my 1st trimester if I were to get pregnant in the next 3 months. Guess I'll have to talk to DH and see if we want to wait another 3 months before TTC which sucks seeing as how I just came off a forced 6 month wait!! Blah

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Re: Got my endoscopy. I have gastritis :(

  • that sucks.  I hope you feel better soon!
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  • I hope the meds help and you heal.
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  • Maybe talk with your OB about it and come up with a good plan?  I hope you have speedy healing!!!
  • I'm so sorry you are dealing with yet another hurdle.  I agree with Kerrin that you should talk to your OB and come up with a plan.  Is your OB the one that prescribed the meds?  If not, definitely talk to your OB about how he/she feels about you taking meds during TTC and potentially the first trimester.  If it was your OB who prescribed them and you still feel uneasy don't hesitate to call or go in and ask more questions.  I know the waiting sucks... but hopefully you won't have to.  Good luck!
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