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Small victory... positive OPK

Small victory was getting a strong second line on OPK last night and another today.  On the weekend I was feeling down about trying for so long and nothing.  After acupuncture and herbs weekly and daily, I went to see the naturopath who reminded me of the positives like the changes in my body, health, and mind including cycle regulating.  She reminded me to start focussing more on the day and good and less on the "what ifs" or the past.  So even if its not a pregnancy this month at least I am grateful that my cycle is stabilizing.  The naturopath told me to take break from temping post ovulation because I am tired of the constant reminders.  This weekend my plan is to sleep in with no temps, do some yoga, take pictures, and do some stuff that I enjoy outside of this TTC rollercoaster.  I will resume again under her instructions with next cycle or positive.  On another note the husband went to her as well which is good that he is at least acknowledging how his health impacts this process. 
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Re: Small victory... positive OPK

  • Yay for the positive test!  Best of luck to you!

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  • Awwww positive thinking can produce positive change.....I'm a believer of that too and learning more so now that we been on this journey! Good Luck
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  • Yay! Have fun.
  • Hooray! Good luck :)

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