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RE consult- ?, answers & decisions

Sorry if I'm a bit of a blabber mouth, It feels good to recap these appts sometimes. And if anyone has some advice to offer I'm always all ears.. 

Appt was overall positive, had blood work for rpl done (i had it done last yr as well but he figured it wouldn't hurt to do it again) and karotyping for me and DH. RE said chances of chromosomal issues are slightly increased due to age, so 1 in 40 chance, but he said those are good odds in his eyes. Only way to avoid repeat would be ivf with screening but he was honest that isn't even 100%.

He feels our chances of injectables w/ iui might be better than average given our past history and that he can pretty much rule out any kind of uterine or sperm issues based on that. So he said 15% (I thought IUI was higher than that, is this an AMA statistic?) chance but probably more like 20% in our case.(why does this still seem so damn low?) And he advised iui in our age group does show a higher success rate over TI so that would be his preference.

One note of concern is my amh came back low in september, i don't recall the number but was definately lower than .7. He retested today, he said I just might not respond well to the injectables because of that ( we wont' know until we try) If we only produce 1/2 eggs he wasn't sure it would be worth the effort over ttc naturally or skipping to ivf. They'll cancel a cycle if there are more than 5 follicles. The fact I produced 3 eggs in a natural cycle in Dec, is another sign, though not abnormal, that i'm surely aging :(

I have an appt to monitor my uterine lining next week, he told us to wait a full cycle, meaning even though I have first AF, we shouldn't ttc this month :( I was sad and suprised to hear this) DH and I will have to decide if it's worth the risk to throw caution to the wind. And we're going to schedule our training session for giving injections (oh joy) in the next two weeks. But looks like we're all systems go for an IUI by the end of March or mid April!

Fingers crossed for everyone else!!!



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Re: RE consult- ?, answers & decisions

  • It feels good to be doing something, doesn't it? Your RE's plan sounds quite reasonable, and the follicle cutoff seems like a good precaution because of your proven fertility. 

    I'd be tempted to disregard the doctor's opinion to avoid this month too ...

    Either way - good luck! 

  • yes, injectibles with IUI are only about 17% success. i was shocked too. =/

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