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VERY early miscarriage?

Hi all.

Like everyone else we are TTC.  Last week was my fertile time & we took full advantage of that.  Yesterday I got my period . . I think.  It was almost a week early even though I'm usually on a regular 28 day schedule

Is my body just ahead of schedule or did I manage to connect the sperm & egg just have my body reject them?  Is there a test?  Should I call a doctor?

I'm not upset . . . which seems weird b/c I "should be" (?).  I'm just curious & concerned. 


Re: VERY early miscarriage?

  • It could be implantation bleeding?  Do a little googling on that and see if it matches what you experienced. Good luck!

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  • Are you still bleeding? Was it a full flow? Are you still bleeding? If not, it might not have been your period.

    How did you determine that last week was your fertile time? Do you chart? Use OPKs? Monitor cervical mucus?


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  • Chart & OPKs.  There was no implantation.

    Yes, I'm still bleeding which didn't worry me until you asked.  I thought, just like with a period, the lining sloughed off. 

  • It's really hard to say.  Implantation happens on average 7-10d post o. When exactly did you get your +OPK?  Until implantation happens you will not get a +hpt, but is sounds like you already knew that.  I'd say you are probably just having an abnormally short cycle or its breakthrough bleeding of some sort.  You may want to POAS just in case, it you do get a + it may be a very early loss.  Be sure to record everything on your chart because if it's an usually short cycle and your cycles continue to be short with a less than 10d LP, you will probably want to share that info with your doc.
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