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For our fallen heros!

My friend Philip was KIA in Afghanistan in Jan 2012. His mother was on FOX news recently talking about how she was upset that the flags were lowered to half staff for Whitney Houston's death and how it should only be for military or for fireman/police etc...not for celebrities who die from drug use. If you would like to sign the petition I would love it. If not then that is ok. Just trying to get the word out there that this is a honor not something just anyone receives.

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Re: For our fallen heros!

  • Military deaths hit me hard, every one. I check the DOD press releases a few times a week, and I try to find out about each fallen SM, because their sacrifce means something to me. 

    Every death should mean something, and I don't think it's fair to malign Whitney Houston simply because she had a disease, which drug use is. I'm not particularly affected by her death, but if she means something to New Jersey, then that's all that matters. We shouldn't legislate grief of any kind IMO, even at the state level.  

    I've seen a lot of military surprise homecomings. It wouldn't work on me. I always have my back to the corner and my face to the door. Looking for terrorists, criminals, various other threats, and husbands.
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