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umbrella stroller

For those that have the Citi Mini Single stroller... do you think I need an umbrella stroller as well?
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Re: umbrella stroller

  • a maclaren is great cause it easily folds when you need to take the bus or cab. We have a bugaboo but use our maclaren a lot for traveling also.
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  • I wouldn't buy them both at the same time.  We started with the bugaboo then wanted something we could take on subway so we got the city mini.  Then when our daughter was much older (around 2) and we needed to take a trip, we got an umbrella stroller (not a maclaren) and it has served us well- easy to fold, easy for transit and perfect for the once in a while ride.  She is 3.5 and only rides in a stroller now when she is sick. 
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