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High Risk in Upstate/Greenville Area

Is the Greenville OBGYN Center (aka Greenville Clinic) the only place for high risk pregnant women with Blue Choice (aka Medicad)??? I orginally wanted to be seen by Greer OBGYN and give birth at Greer Memorial, but at my first doctors visit with them I was told that I'm too high risk for them to see me. I feel soo crushed. I've had extensive abdominal surgery, partial colon removal, Crohn's Disease, and chronic hypertension and that classifies me as High risk! I don't want to give birth at Greenville Memorial becasue of all the bull crap I went through being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, in and out of the ER, and then my surgery I had. I was treated like dog crap to my opinion.... I was made to stay in pain for almost 10hrs 2 days after my surgery where they removed 1 ft of colon and 6in of my small intestines and left me with a 7in abdominal scar from my belly button down. I just feel so bad bc i want to give my baby the best start...

 Not to mention when I visited the "Greenville Clinic" I could barely understand the hispanic receptionist which pissed me off bc i have no patients and it smelled like stale cigarettes and it seems like all the tricks in Greenville county were there... I know medicad isn't the greatest of insurances but I was so hoping to go to a nice office.. am i being too judgemental?? I feel so lost and heart broken..

Re: High Risk in Upstate/Greenville Area

  • I've got Blue Choice and am in the same boat you are this time around.  There are lots of great OB offices that accept blue choice, but require you to be considered "low risk".  I go to the high risk clinic at the OBGYN center, and while it does seem like the "bottom of the barrel" when you see the other patients that go there, the high risk department is actually really great.  It's in a separate part of the building and the doctors really make me feel like "their patient".  Hope this helps! 


    BTW, with my first I went to Piedmont OB (amazing) and delivered at Memorial.  I loved giving birth there....it's nothing like their ER department.  You can go to their website and schedule a tour anytime if you're apprehensive about delivering there.   

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