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Help! Do you think I ovulated?

Chart link my my signature. 

I thought my body was trying to. I had a clear LH surge on the OPKs and lots of fertile CM, but then no clear temp shift. I was sick Thurs - Mon and the poor sleep may have affected my morning temp. This is the cycle after a D&C so maybe I didn't O and won't before getting AF?

I need to know approximately when I'll get AF in order to schedule a test. Hopefully tomorrow's temp will make things clear.

Re: Help! Do you think I ovulated?

  • Maybe on CD27, maybe not.  The missing temps on CD20-25 make it hard to tell if you had a shift or not.
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  • I think it's possible that you o'd but we need to see a few more days of temps. FWIW, most RE's would probably tell you to go by the OPK and not your temps. If you really need to know, you could go in to have your progesterone checked next week. (Sorry - not terribly helpful, I know!). 


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  • Thanks guys. From today's temp, I'd say I have no shift. The missing temps were from a business trip (with roommate.) 

    At this point I'd guess that I did ovulate as I had other, standard for me signs, but that it was a "weak" ovulation resulting in poor progesterone. I now have signs AF is coming so a super short luteal phase. I'm thankful I'll soon be able to put this cycle behind me.

  • It looks annovulatory to me, sorry.
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