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If you nurse AND pump, share your schedule!

I am confused about what I should be doing. I still give DS about 1 oz after every feeding (per LC instructions). I am also trying to build a freezer stash (I am a teacher). Should I pump after each feeding, or other times? I have been doing a mix of both pumping after feedings OR an hour after each feeding. Help? The most I get at one sitting is 5 oz (that is early morning pumping, I got 4 in the evening the other day because I was away from the baby and was engorged). I normally get anywhere from 1-2.5 per session.

Re: If you nurse AND pump, share your schedule!

  • I pump in the morning after I feed him. He's the happiest then so he'll play on his activity mat. Then I pump around 9pm at night. I've done this for a month now and we had to get a deep freezer last weekend b/c our freezer is full. I am also a teacher. =)
  • The only time I find that I can reliably pump extra is in the morning, about an hour after I feed DS.  My supply really replenishes quickly in the morning.  Sometimes I would also pump after I fed him, if he didn't eat for very long or didn't eat both sides.  And occasionally, I'd pump just before I went to bed because that was his longest stretch sleeping.  I never get nearly as much at night.

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  • I am not going to be any help, but I am also looking for a schedule/solution.  My DS is 5 weeks old and I haven't been "stashing" but want to start.  I just am not sure how since I feed on one side at a feeding.  I'm just afraid the other won't replenish fast enough for the next feeding since it's used to going longer.  Good luck...I'm a teacher too...I go back in January and wish I had started freezing more right away. 

  • I've been trying to pump at least for 10 minutes immediately after every feeding to try to build up a supply even though I'm never getting enough to save any.  We always end up using whatever I get by the end of the day since we have two babies but I am pretty sure my supply is (slowly) going up with all of the pumping.  It's totally exhausting to feed and pump this much but I think it'll be worth it if we can totally get rid of the formula feedings. 
  • I pump on the side he is not eating on...every feeding... I end up freezing 16 oz a day (just what my slim lines hold) and have plenty of fridge stash in case he wants more. ?I have been doing this for almost two weeks and I have close to 200 oz in my freezer now.
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  • Wow...200 oz in 2 weeks!  Impressive! :)  Every feeding...that's what I'm afraid of.  Maybe I can try this for a couple of weeks and then not do it?  I want a stash but I don't want to be tied to a pump for the next two months! :)  Thanks for the suggestions!


  • I pump in the morning at 6 am before work. Once I am at work I pump again at 9:30 am, then at 12:30, again at 3:30pm. Once I get home my DD feeds from me and that is at 5:30pm and then I just feed on demand and at bedtime.

     I may add another pump session at night after my DD is sleeping since my milk supply seems to be diminishing. I think that might have to do with my calorie in-take.

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