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I passed my 3 hour GD test!

I was totally expecting to fail and am shocked that I passed all 4 draws with tons of room to spare. I am Soooooo excited!! I have been dreading trying to do the diet while still flying. We don't have refrigeration or any way to heat up food on the aircraft since we don't serve meals, plus I can't just take a meal/snack break whenever I want, so it just seemed a little daunting to try and plan accordingly. I am just so happy and relieved! 

Does anyone know if I'll have to retest at 28 weeks? I have to email Dr. Dawson tomorrow but just wondering what your experience has been.  

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Re: I passed my 3 hour GD test!

  • I think it depends on your history, did you have it with your first pregnancy?  I had it the first go around and have yet to be diagnosed with it this time, although they've put me through so much testing it's made me almost wish they'd just go ahead and treat me like I have it.  I passed all 4 draws of my 3 hour at about 26 weeks, but since I still have my testing kit, they just want me to test sporadically a couple times a week for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I also try to follow a less strict version of the diet and just remain aware of my carb intake, mostly because I feel better when I eat better.

    Good luck and I hope you don't have to retest, that 3 hour test is miserable!

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  • That's great!!!
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  • That's great! 
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  • Yay! So happy for you!!
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  • I failed the 1 hr test both times and both times I passed the 3 hr test (barely).  With Gavin, I was diagnosed later on when my endo decided to check my sugar "just for fun" and it was through the roof.  She told me either I had to tell me OB or she would.  My OB checked my sugar at her office the following week and again it was way too high so she went ahead and made the diagnosis.  With Sophie, I asked if we could just skip the glucose test since we knew it wasn't accurate for me anyway and she said no... that we needed to do it.  When I passed the second one, she told me she'd let me go but would check my sugar a couple times to make sure.  Those checks were a little high but not enough to concern her so I did manage to avoid it the second time.  So basically, the point of all this is to say that I think as long as you passed it, they won't make you do it again unless they have some other reason for concern.






  • Yay! That is great news! I was given my drink for the 1 hour today for next visit and it made me nervous. I passed no problem last time but since that is not a guarantee I am nervous. 
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  • Thanks Ladies! I was so shocked and happy, I couldn't sleep last night. 

    I haven't had time to email my OB yet, but he had said earlier that if I passed the one hour, they would check again at the normal 28 weeks. So I'm just assuming they will want me to do the 1 hour again or have me check my sugar every so often since I still have my glucose meter from Owen. Probably not a bad idea anyway. I got so used to pricking my finger, it didn't really bother me. It was the diet that was so frustrating and time consuming. Either way, at least I can finish flying again before having to make too many adjustments. So thankful!

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