TTC after 35

OMG! I'm so... OMG!!

I don't post here a lot, but this is just boggling my mind and I don't  really know where else to turn to vent! lol

 Earlier tonight a friend of mine made a post on fb. It's that time of the month so I'm a bit crabby, and made a little snarky status update. My friend, being the awesome girl that she is, replied with the "never give up!, it'll happen, rah, rah, rah!" I think she secretly likes to let her inner cheerleader go free :)

 However, another lady responded. She proceeded to explain how she never wanted children. That she had seen lots of her friends go through fertility problems and that if she had it to do again she'd have been a surrogate. Unfortunately, now she had found out that she has endometrious and is 44. I'm positive she's only on my list because of some stupid game!

I just wanna reach through the screen and slap her. I'm sure that she had the best of intentions in sharing her story, but it's not making me feel better right now. The evils ideas going through my head are epic right now!! 

I think I'll just ignore her post and move on. That's probably the best course of action lol

Thanks for letting me vent ladies :)  






Re: OMG! I'm so... OMG!!

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