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any mom meet up's?

looking for a new mothers meetup.  i am a first time mommy and would love to meet some other mama's.  If anyone knows of any please let me know.


Re: any mom meet up's?

  • Where do you live?? 
  • I would be interested. I am in central mass.
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  • We have a little group that gets together on the North Shore.. That might be a little far for you... I would recommend checking out and looking in your area for groups.
  • Ditto

    And check out churches, if you go (or even if you don't). Most of the ones near me have tot times once a week. And your local Y may have something as well.

  • ISIS maternity also has new mom's groups and activities at several locations. It does cost for classes but so worth it. Also they have drop in playgroups that are more affordable. I would recommend it if you live within a reasonable distance to one.
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  •  where are you living?
     what area are you looking to meet?
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