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T, we went to a free intro Gymboree class today, and now I honestly think all these places really depend on the location. I have been to two Gymboree b-day parties for my cousin's kids in NY, and that location was much better in terms of room setup and programming.  I would have taken him to a place like that.  The class at our location here was not that impressive at all.  It seemed disorganized (room and program), and there wasn't much that he did that he can't do at a regular park. Plus it seemed like the teacher had no control over the situation, whereas at my cousins' parties, all the kids were "corralled" and followed directions and the schedule of the day.  There was actually much more to do at our local My Gym. Ugh!  I'm so torn about what to do.  My Gym was like a huge "fun room"; Little Gym seemed best for gross motor and structure.  I only wish Adam could have been at all of them to give me a second opinion. :P 

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  • From what you're describing, I'd go for Little Gym.  I can't stand when things are not well run when it comes to toddler activities.  Not only is it not safe, the kids tend to lose interest when they don't have that clear expectation of what is coming next (or at least that's how my guys tend to be).  L will love whichever you choose and grow and learn from the experience so much, the important thing is to make sure that you enjoy it too.  In this case, Gymboree is obviously not the place for that, not where you are and My Gym doesn't seem to be either.  Trust yourself to make this call, you won't go wrong. :)
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