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Do you have a dominant boob?

My right breast always seems to produce more than the left one -- has anyone else experienced somthing like this?


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Re: Do you have a dominant boob?

  • Yes, I always produce more on my left side.  I think it's normal.
  • Yep, I'm a right-sider too!
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  • totally normal...although, mine seems to switch!
  • Yes, but it switches.
  • My right always produces more as well.
  • My left boob produces at least two oz more than the right every time I pump!
  • lefty!
    DD 4yo DS 1yo
  • When I first was nursing my right produced more and had a quicker let down but then they swaped at around 6 months.  My DS now pretty much exclusively breastfeeds out of the left side.  I figured I'd be much more lopsided but you don't really notice surprisingly.
  • Good ol' righty, here.  It's even larger than my left breast.  DS prefers it and it definitely gets more milk.  I was super excited this morning when I pumped a lot more out of the left side.  I am a dork.

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  • Lefty is my super boob.
  • yes, my left side always seems to produce more. 
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  • I'm really glad you posted this! I was wondering if this was normal - thank you! :)
  • My left produces more.

    I read that 75% of womens right produces more but according to what you guys say it seems to be pretty even.


  • For both my children, my right always had more. I always assumed it was because I had a small benign tumor removed from my left bb about 10 years ago. I was told that it wouldn't affect that, but it seems awfully coincendental.

  • My left produces more too.  I'm right-handed so I think maybe makes a difference?

    Me with my littlest.
  • Yes, my right side is always full and ready to go.
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