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Car seat on the plane

I feel like all I'm asking lately is stuff about traveling, sorry! We've flown a lot with Rosie, but we've never brought a car seat with us before. We're bringing Thomas's car seat but he is flying on my lap, so we won't be able to install the seat on the plane. What's the best way to fly with the infant seat- check it at the counter, check it at the gate, or bring it on the plane?

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  • I'd put it in some kind of bag and check it at the counter
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  • I'm not sure.  You may want to let him chill in his carrier while you are waiting to board, and again when you are getting your checked bags after having him in your arms for the duration of the flight. 

    Toddler carseat I just check at the counter, no reason to carry it.

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  • We always checked the infant seat (with the snap n go) at the gate so we could use it through the airport.
  • if you're getting a rental car they rent car seats too, about $10 per day.
  • Is this for when you move...Or are you traveling before that? Are you using the bucket carseat or the convertible? If your using the convertible... They make these things that strap onto the carseat and it almost turns it into a stroller. I have one you could borrow if your just traveling before you move. But then at least you'd have something to put him in for the airport. You could always check it when you get on the plane ... And maybe if by chance there is an empty seat they will let u strap him in the carseat in a seat. 
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  • You will need it where ever you are going so best bet to be sure it gets there is gate check. You will not be able to bring it on board unless the flight is not full and they let you take an empty seat.  Otherwise the seat is too big to fit in overhead or under seat.

    If you are going out of the country you will need the car seat as you don't know if rental car companies outside US rent car seats (Bahamas did not have them as it is not a law there)


    Enjoy your trip

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