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New Morristown Mom...

Hi there... I am moving to Morristown, NJ from St Louis MO this week. DH has been trasferred for work and I am going to be staying home with our new baby. I am a first time mom and my son is 6 weeks old. I am just wondering if any moms in the area can offer me some resources/advice for mommy and me type activities in the area. I am also interested in getting involved with a group of moms for potential "play dates" etc....if anyone is interested!? Anyway, I am nervous about this move since I will be so far away from all my family and friends but hoping it will all turn out for the best! Looking at it as an exciting new adventure for my new little fam!!! :)
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Re: New Morristown Mom...

  • Welcome to NJ!  Morristown is a great area.  Unfortunately I don't have much information in regards to family resources but I'm confident you will find plenty to do.  Although not mommy & me related the town holds a BIG St. Patrick's Day parade.  There's a definite young crowd for the bars but the parade is also a family event.  The parade is Sat, March 10.  It may give you an opportunity to explore the town.

    In general the town hold many events throughout the year.  There's a great town theatre that holds all sorts of shows which is good for a night out or a when your LO gets older, children's shows. Try checking out the town website

    I'd love to have "play dates" but I'm not due until June and I have moved out of that general area (about 40 mins away).  I'm up for a trip but maybe later in the summer.  Good Luck on your adventure! Big Smile

  • You should post this on the NJ Nest Board - it is MUCH more active.
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  • Great Thanks for the info!! 
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  • welcome to motown! i am a working mom with a 14 month old - so probably not much help for you on the mommy social scene, but feel free to PM if you need anything. good luck!

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  • actually my friend was a member of this group (morristown moms & tots) - not the other one i posted. but good to know you have options




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