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Sleeping on my left makes me feel sick?

This has been going on for a long time now. It actually happened even before we found out I was pregnant, but calculating back I don't think it was a problem before I got pregnant. Sleeping on my left side makes me feel really, really sick. It doesn't make a difference whether I've just eaten or I go to bed hungry, or any variation inbetween. I can't lay on my right side for more than a minute before I have to turn over because I just can't do it anymore,

Does anyone know what causes this? And how important actually is it to sleep on your left?

Re: Sleeping on my left makes me feel sick?

  • It's not that important to sleep on your left side. Don't sleep on your back if it makes you uncomfortable, but you could rig up your pillows so your head is on an incline and put some pillows under your knees. 

    When's the last time you had a regular dr appt?  It almost sounds like you have an inner ear issue or something. 

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  • Sleeping on either side for me was making me sick when I was still getting m/s at night. I still sleep on my back, it's the only way I can sleep. I do prop a pillow under one side of my back so I'm sort of angled to one side. It makes me feel like I'm still on my back but I don't get sick/uncomfortable sleeping on my side.

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  • Instead of sleepin on your side, you can use a lot of pillows to prop yourself up.  Some women are more comfortable sleeping in a position where they are almost sitting up.

    Just find a position that makes you comfortable. It doesn't have to be your left side.

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