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Valentine's Day Gifts?

I'm starting to feel like a bad Mom & Wife and a little panicked! I haven't bought or made one thing yet for Valentine's Day for DH or the girls! What are you doing? I need some ideas.
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Re: Valentine's Day Gifts?

  • the kids are getting a little treat bag with one of those tiny boxes of chocolate(i think there are 3 pieces). Sophia is getting a stuffed dog and Ethan is getting kung fu panda 2.

    I haven't gone to the store yet but I am getting DH a keurig.  

  • I'm getting DH a GC to get his car interior cleaned plus I bought a lil "slip-into-something-more-comfortable" outfit wear Tuesday night, haha.

    I got J a little stufffed Darth Vadar holding a chocolate heart from Target. I'll probably get the babies each a thing of those gerber snack things that look like fake cheetos. 

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  • I got DH a card and I might do that hear cutout map w/ the "we met, we married, we live" that has been all over Pinterest... if I can get my darn printer to work.

    I haven't gotten Evan anything yet, but I'm off on V-day, so I'll probably make him red velvet pancakes for breakfast and then he's going to daycare for his party so I'll grab him something while I'm out... but no candy, since he'll get a ton of junk at school I'm sure! 

  • For the boys, I just got some cookies to maybe make that night.  For DH, I had E make him a card tonight (simple) and I bought him a card.  I might pick him up a book that he has been talking about.  

    Do you have anyone who could babysit for you, for a few hours?  Maybe surprise him with a quick date night, have it all doesn't have to be that day, but in the next week or so?   

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  • I don't have any kidos at home but I have seen a lot of pictures of kids hands used with paint to make a heart Valetine and then placed in a frame or laminated with this year date on it.

     - Just a thought!

    The joys of teaching!


  • Ehh, I'm not doing anything.  Next year I will do something cute for ellie (and clayton probably just bc ellie will notice if I skip him).  We have been making lots of valentines and hearts and decorating them which she likes.  And I am happy that I finally got her off of the hand-turkeys that she asked to make every day.
  • I made him a cute personalized Tiny Prints card like a month ago and now I need to find it :-/ I always do that too!  He asked me yesterday if I was doing anything, I said probably takeout.  I didn't get J anything either, but I figured we'd make cookies or something fun.  Doing the handprint might be fun (but messy) but I don't think we have any paint to use for it. 
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  • Great ideas Girls! Thanks so much! MrsWhite I might do the GC idea you mentioned from me and then try to do the handprint thing of the girls to give him from them!
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