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Emotional Wreck 36 weeks

Im 36 weeks, and I am super emotional. the slightest things piss me off and i can start crying at the drop of a baby hanger. I don't know what to do. it's like im losing my mind and i can't help it. Anything anybody says or does that makes me react in anyways sets me off. I think im turning into a moster, AND my body is HEAVY! and it hurts. is it Hormones or am i just nervous 

Re: Emotional Wreck 36 weeks

  • Ive been like that off and on throughout the entire pregnancy. Usually its a surge of hormones for me.  I just apologize ahead of time and then let it rip. lol. Nothing you can do, but when I feel it coming I try and relax somehow, or do something I enjoy. 
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  • ME TOO! and i'm 34 weeks! i don't remember being this way with DD1 probably because i got to rest and get sleep all the time! Try taking a day to yourself to rest and relax take a warm bath :) i feel ya!


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  • *Lurker* I was the same! When I was pg with DD I remember I was at home and my DH would leave to go to work and when he was busy he would leave a voiemail saying "Hey sweetie! I am eating lunch right now so I can't talk today. I'll see you in a few. Love you" and I remember replaying it like 60 times and bawling my eyes out. It was utterly embarrassing. The hormone surges I went through were crazy at times but it was over soon and I had my little girl. Hang in there! You're at the home stretch now! Big Smile

  • im glad to know this is normal. because i was beginning to think i was body snached by a psycho and my real self would never return 
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