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Starting Prenatal Vitamins at 5 weeks?

I had been taking a multivitamin for the past few years and once I got a positive pregnancy test I went out and purchased One a Day Prenatals with DHA supplement. Well, I just realized that for the past week (week 4) I was only taking the supplement (it was not clearly labeled) and I never took the prenatal! I'm freaking out. I'm 5 weeks today and am going to start taking the prenatal vitamin. Do you think I need to call my doctor? 

Re: Starting Prenatal Vitamins at 5 weeks?

  • I would think you're fine considering a lot of people are much further along when they first find out you're pregnant. If you're worried though call your doctor.
  • There is nothing your doctor can do. Just start taking your prenatals now. There are people who don't take prenatals or find out later than you they are pregnant and start taking prenatals then. They go on to have perfectly healthy babies. I'm sure you will be just fine ;)


  • I was almost 6 week pg with ds when I found out.  I wasn't taking any vitamins before that.  You will be fine.

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  • I started taking prenatal vitamins at 6 weeks with DD and she is totally healthy.  Don't worry at all.
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  • You'll be fine. Women for millions of years managed to have babies without prenatal vitamins. If you'd already been taking a multivitamin, then you shouldn't be deficient in any nutrients (many are stored in your body for later use). Just start taking them now. 1 week without vitamins is no big deal.

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  • I haven't read the other responses but would figure this falls in line with them.   Most women probably don't know they're pregnant (first timers mostly) till they're a few weeks along.  I didn't know till I was almost six weeks, saw my PCP to confirm and started the prenatal then.  don't worry, you & the baby will be fine, just start taking them now.  :)
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  • Baby is totally fine! A friend gave me some great advice once..."you have to remember no matter what vitamins you take, they are for you and not the baby. Baby's gonna take whatever it needs from you, so you need the vitamins to keep yourself healthy!"
  • A women's vitamin is very similar to a pre-natal and still has significant folic acid.  Nothing to be worried about.
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  • You should be just fine. Like PP said, some people don't find out they are pg until after 5 weeks. Just start it now :)
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  • My OB took me off the prenatal vitamin, because he suspected that it was causing some of my morning sickness, so I started to do without... But he prescribed Folic Acid. Make sure you're taking that, if anything!!
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  • You should be fine. You went 4 weeks without taking any, what's an extra week? I'm sure there's plenty of women out there in the world that haven't realized they were pregnant until week 6 or 7. I have those same prenatals that I bought the day I found out (I now have some prescribed by my doc), you have the one with 2 seperate bottles right? The One a Day Prenatal bottles are both clearly labeled... one with Vitamin and the other with DHA supplement. Not sure how you missed that, but if you're worried, give your doc a call.
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