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Giving birth at Coastal Family Birth Retreat in Stratham?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this board :)

I've run into a bit of a dilemma and was hoping that some of you ladies could give me advice. I am planning on giving birth at the Coastal Family Birth Retreat in Stratham and have been very excited about it so far. However, I just talked to a friend whose coworker gave birth there very recently and had a horrible experience... All of the reviews that I read about the Retreat were positive and my experience there thus far has been great, but this story kind of freaked me out - she said that the MW ignored her and her requests the whole time and was just hanging out in the corner of the room texting, so that her boyfriend had to help her with everything. The MW was also apparently really rude to her but super nice to the boyfriend. In the end, she ended up getting transferred to Wentworth Douglas to have her baby. I know the MW from our monthly check ups and this sounds nothing like her from what we've experienced so far, but at the same time this coworker must've also been happy with her all along until the birth if she kept going for appointments there and didn't switch prior to her L&D, right? I also know that it's not the MW's job to help with labor itself (thus the need for a birth partner or doula), but the texting and ignoring thing still worries me... Of course, she may have also misperceived what was going on due to the fact that she was laboring - who knows? (although texting seems pretty hard to misperceive)

I still really want to give birth at the Retreat and not in a hospital, and obviously one story (where I don't even have all of the details) shouldn't change my mind, but I'm a FTM and already nervous, so this scares me a little bit.

I guess I was looking for reassurance and was wondering if anyone out there had their baby at the Retreat and can share their experiences/thoughts with me?


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Re: Giving birth at Coastal Family Birth Retreat in Stratham?

  • Not sure where you are located but I have heard amazing things about the Birthing Cottage in Milford. We were looking into it until I found out we were having twins. Also, maybe bring up the concerns to your midwife? No everyone will have a great experience everywhere...the womans judgement may have been clouded by the fact that she needed more medical intervention than she hoped for.
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  • My boss gave birth there in June 2010 and was very happy with the place!

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  • I have never heard of the birth retreat in stratham and so not live that far away. I actually gave birth at the portsmouth hospital and it went really well! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. You should look into giving birth at PRH.
  • Thanks ladies! I live in Durham so Stratham is a little closer to me than Milford.

    I'd really prefer the BC setting, and I think I'm going to stick with them... So far they haven't given me any personal reason to be uncomfortable, so I'm hoping that my instincts are correct! 

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