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17 weeks and belly button popping out

So I noticed the other day my normally innie belly button is working its way outward. It isn't totally popped out yet but it's definately almost flush with my abdomen...huge move. ha.

Isn't it a little early for this? Maybe because I'm so petite?

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Re: 17 weeks and belly button popping out

  • Probably because you're petite. I am heavier and was kinda pushing my belly around my belly button and when I pushed it up against ( I guess my uterus) It suddenly popped out! I freaked out and then after calming myself did it again for fun. haha. Your uterus probably has less room than mine and is pushing up against your belly button sooner.
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  • Ha, I'm small too and mine has completely popped out at about week 18. I thought it was early too. Also, my belly button was an innie but not very deep, maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know why but I am not liking it.

  • I'm just about 1/2 way out. It grosses me out how big my belly button hole looks. Luckily I have a piercing to kind of hide it but still I am not pleased.  I know there is a gorgeous baby just hanging out in there, to me that is worth the yuckness that the rest of my body will go through. 
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  • My belly button is popping out too! Of course I am quite a few weeks ahead of you. Every day it seems to get more and more shallow! If I push out hard then it pops out. It looks so funny especially with my pregnancy belly button ring!
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  • Mine started to make its way out around the same time as yours (maybe even a little earlier). I have a really deep belly button normally, so when it started to shallow out it was really obvious quickly. It's still not out all the way, and I'm hoping that it won't be, but it's trying to get there!
  • My belly button has been creeping me out since about 17 weeks as well, and just the other day my DH and I decided it no longer exists... it's like flat and on the verge of popping. I'm thinking it's a good bet it'll be a full outtie before month end.... it's creepy!!! lol

  • Mine is getting shallower all the time. So strange.
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