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Whoo Hoo!!! NAR

Ok, I have to toot my own horn because I am jumping up and down with excitement right now!!! I am the sales and marketing manager for an IT company.

Today I just closed a sale I have been working on for two months - it is for a hospital and the total of the sale is $267,532.59. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! I get commission off of this sale and I am shaking with excitement!!! This is the biggest sale I have ever closed!!!!! WOOT!!!


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  • Strong work!  Way to go!  Do something to celebrate this weekend.

  • Way to go...go do something fun with part of the commission!!!
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  • Sounds like your Vegas trip just took a VIP upgrade :). Girl shopping in Vegas = AMAZEBALLS!


  • Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself!
  • Thanks everyone!!! YES Vegas will be awesome now!!! May even have to try out that $75 buffett! :D 

    Owner of the company I work for just sent a congratulatory email out to everyone in the company on the amazing sale!

  • WOW!  that is so awesome!  Have an amazing time in Vegas : )  Congrats!
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  • SaaWEET!!!!   
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  • Hot diggity!  Congratulations!  


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  • image Jenn is Silly:

    Sounds like your Vegas trip just took a VIP upgrade :). Girl shopping in Vegas = AMAZEBALLS!


    This is what I was thinking, too!!!  Congratulations on the big sale!!!!

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