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Do you need baby hangers?

Do you need to use baby hangers for clothes or does regular hangers work?
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Re: Do you need baby hangers?

  • Depends on what you are hanging up - with this LO we are hanging most of the clothes and baby hangers work great with onesies and clothes with long sleeves. Baby hangers are smaller so not as much hangs out the arm holes. 

    You don't have to but some items you may find difficult to stretch on a big hanger. 

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  • Girl, those baby clothes are tiny!  I'm totally neurotic and hang up everything, but even the baby hangers are too big for some of the newborn/0-3 month stuff.  They are pretty cheap and will ensure the clothes aren't all stretched out from regular hangers. :)
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  • Regular hangers stretch out the sleeves of my DS's short sleeve shirts and don't fit into his long sleeve shirts.  We definitely use the baby hangers for his collared/button up shirts.  I'd also use them a ton for little girl dresses that I don't want to get wrinkled.  I think you should at least get one pack.
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  • Baby ones for sure! My girls clothes (especially the little sizes) would never fit on an adult hanger! They're super cheap too. Under $2 for a 10 pack at Target I think.
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  • Definitely use the baby hangers!

    BUT I don't think I've bought a single one for DD1. I just ask to keep them every time I buy something on a hanger. I don't think I remember ever being turned down either. I've accumulated quite the collection over the last 2 years!

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  • Baby hangers work best. You can get 10 for about a buck. Totally worth it!

  • Adult shirt hangers would not work with most baby clothes.  You don't need the frilly hangers though, just the basic plastic ones.  A lot of places include the hangers with the clothes purchase, so we've actually gotten rid of a ton of hangers over the years.
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  • Baby hangers work well for a lot of baby/toddler sized stuff. Some things you can get onto regular ones, but we really use the small ones for the LOs.
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  • Baby, for sure.  I got an 18 pack at Target for $1.09 the other day.
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  • baby clothes don't fit on adult hangers - PSA
  • Thanks, y'all!  That's good to know about baby stores.  I had no idea.  I have a million hangers at home so I never want them/ask for them.  I'll pick up a few packs here and there to get me started.
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  • Yes, they definitely come in handy and they are still the most size appropriate for my 3.5 year old's clothing
  • I like the baby hangers from Target because they are cheap.  It just makes the baby clothes look better.  It looks better than the hangers from the store. 
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  • My daughter is 5 and I still use the "baby hangers" to hang her dresses and other items in her closet. 
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  • They are really cheap at target or walmart but another option is to check out your local goodwill.  I bought a couple packs of like 20 or 25 for less than a dollar.  whenever people donate baby clothes with hangers they sell the hangers.
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