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'Preppy' names and/or Classic names

We're Team Green and I'm having a difficult time coming up with a name that I love.  Boys tend to be much more difficult for me.  Girls... I can think of a bunch of names I love.  My daughter is Charlotte and to give you an idea of other names we like, I will list some below... please share some thoughts of your own.  Any names come to mind?  TIA


Caroline, Elizabeth (nn Betsy), Lily, Catherine, Kate, Sophia, Ava, Victoria, Jacqueline, Leah, Ainsley

 Andrew, William, Bennett, Daniel, Desmond, Reid


Can you think of anything else or pair anything up to make a good first and middle name combo??  :) 

Re: 'Preppy' names and/or Classic names

  • My name is Elizabeth Grace and if we have a girl I want to switch it and name her Grace Elizabeth.  I love my name.  Lots of nick names available.  And I don't think its too classic or out of date.  But Just my opinion. 
  • Thank you!  I LOVE your name!  Elizabeth Grace is beautiful!  <3
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  • I love Jacqueline of the ones you listed. I think it fits your preferences and is underused, especially compared with Ava and Sophia.

    I think William Bennett sounds pretty cool too.

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  • My name is Katherine Eliza and DD is Marielle Claire (NN Mari, soft a) and DS is Alistair William (Alistair is Scottish for Alexander, which I also love but DH doesn't like Alex). My sister just had a little girl last night and named her Abigail, NN Abby, joining sibs Benjamin and Natalie. A friend had a Caroline Elizabeth a few days ago, NN Cece. Other ideas... Amelia, Audrey, Avery, Margaret, Molly, Hannah, Rachel, Eleanor, Beatrice, Alexander, Beckett, Jackson, Oliver, Samuel, Henry, Nicholas, Max... Have you skimmed the SS name list yet?
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  • I love preppy/classic names too.  My DD is Katherine Grace (we call her Kate) and I adore her name.  She is definitely a "Kate" but I can call her Katherine if I need to be more formal and occasionally call her Katie (very very occasionally).  I love that her name is versatile and that she can decide what fits her as she ages.

    Other names I have considered that fit the "preppy" feel to me:  Caroline, Tessa, Allison, Lauren, Elizabeth, Claire and Abigail.

    Tessa Claire and Allison Elizabeth were front runners had our DS been another girl. 

    Good luck!

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  • I really like your lists (except for Ainsley and Bennett), so I guess I like preppy/classic names too.  Some others from my list:

    Girls:  Alice, Cecilia, Colleen, Cora, Corinne, Diana, Felicity, Georgia, Gwyneth, Helen, Iris, Ivy, Irene, Jane, Jillian, Juliet, June, Kathleen, Leona, Lucy, Nadia, Nina, Rachel, Sabrina, Victoria

    Boys: Alec, Arthur, Calvin, Charles, Donovan, Graham, Ian, Joel, Lawrence, Leo, Lewis, Miles, Neil, Simon

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  • How about:

    Lydia Hope - my first choice if DS would have been a girl.  DH vetoed.
    Samantha, Danielle, Savannah, Juliet, Rebecca, Emily, Sarah, Hannah

    Logan James - my first choice for DS, but DH didn't like it.
    Christopher, Bailey, Colby, Patrick, Phillip, Victor, Levi, Wesley, Kevin, Brett 

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  • Love your choices and style ;)

    My little girls are Elizabeth Grace (nn Ellie) and Abigail Jane (nn Abby). I also really love Molly, Claire, Catherine and Caroline.

    I'm 34wks with baby#3 a boy! and yes, boys names are much tougher. DH's name is Daniel so that will be our middle name and we're deciding between Owen and Benjamin for the first name. Also like Henry, James, William, Jacob and Andrew.

    good luck!

  • Boys names: Spencer, Weston, Wesley, Baron, Simon, Dean
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  • Tad, Bradley, Chad, Chase

    Blair, Bunny, Ashley

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  • Love classic names...

    I love the name Caroline and if this bean is a girl it "may" be the MN.  Eloise is a beautiful name as well (hehehe look at siggy).  Embarrassed

    I love the name Bennett as well - I love the NM Ben.  So simple and classic.  Daniel is cute!!!

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  • LOVE the girls names you have listed...all are on my list except Ainsley (NMS) 

    SOme other potentials... 

    GIrls: Hannah, Annaliese, Emily, Claire, Abigail, Allison

    Boys: Benjamin (ds' name), Nolan, Liam, Carter

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  • My girls are Hannah Marie and Emily Claire. If I have another girl, I'll use Charlotte Jane...so apparently we have similar tastes. :-) I love the name Andrew for a boy...
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  • What about Theodore or Edward for a boy, with nn Teddy.  That seems very preppy to me and I like Charlotte and Teddy together.
  • I love everyones suggestions.  Thank you so much!  I hope to see more people post with classic/preppy names in their title so I know to take a look at their lists/names as well.  :)  My daughter is Charlotte Brooke.  I have a feeling I'm having a boy... so, I need to really think more about boys names.  If I was having a girl I'd have difficulty picking between a bunch of beautiful names... with a boy... I can't think of one that I am just in love with (besides William which I think will be too popular for me this year).
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