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teacher appreciation ideas?

At the beginning of the year, we were asked to sign up for a month in which we were responsible for doing something special for the teachers to show our appreciation.  This is my month.  I have no idea what to do.  I thought about bringing them starbucks one morning (as part of it) but when DD asked them their favorite starbucks drinks 2 said Diet Coke, so I scratched that idea.  Now I'm at a loss. 

I have no idea what other parents have done.  

If I can't come up with something better, I will likely give them flowers next week and brownies the week after.   Is that totally lame?  Does it matter that one of the teachers is a guy? 




Re: teacher appreciation ideas?

  • What about catering/picking up a yummy lunch for them one day?


  • This month is my turn to do the teacher appreciation thing for my kids preschool. They teachers have a work day coming up and we're providing lunch for them.  They rarely get to eat all together during the regular day, so it was nice to be able to have time to sit and enjoy lunch together.
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  • imageMrsRosie:
    I have a bunch of ideas on this board:

    These great ideas!  Can I just pin this whole board? :)

  • a breakfast spread is always nice - fresh bagels, schmear, fruit, OJ, breakfast tacos. best way to start the morning. :)
  • lunnch! We loved getting real fod! Olive garden soup,salad and breadsticks is always a hit!
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  • I was going to say food- bringing in breakfast or lunch would be awesome!  However, if you are the only one contributing could be $$$ depending on how many teacher there are.

    It is Teacher Appreciation at A's school next week.  The PTA sponsor's a lunch one day- taco lunch where parents are asked to contribute items.  (I'm sending KA's chicken taco meat in my crockpot.)  The also have a theme each day, which I think is cute.

    day 1- Flowers- PTA gives each teacher a vase and the kids are asked to bring in a flower for their teacher.

    day 2- Appreciation letter to the teacher- all the kids are asked to write a letter or draw a picture to bring to the teacher.

    day 3- Pops!- "We're popping with excitement over what a great teacher you are!"- all kids are asked to bring something that pops to the teachers- ideas- sodas, cake pops, popcorn, bubble bath

    day 4- together- "Thanks for holding us together"- kids bring in things that hold a class together. PTA supplies each teacher with a bin that the students drop their things in.   Great way for teachers to get office supplies they always need- rubber bands, tape, paper clips, staples, magnets, binder clips

    day 5- "You're Scent-sational" kids bring in things that smell good!

  • Thanks all!  Great ideas, I appreciate them.  :-)
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